blogstalking as procrastination

hey, little-brother-who-shall-go-nameless-on-teh-interweb,

please stop blogstalking me as a way to avoid working on your dissertation.

no, really. :) you're more than welcome to become a reader (well, i can't really stop you), but dude, you need to stop stomping all over blog etiquette and say hello in a comment. :) not like i was planning on writing about you, but now the temptation to start telling embarrassing stories about you to make you de-lurk in protest is getting more and more overwhelming.

two words: anchovy bones.

unless, of course, there's someone else from lexington, kentucky, who read every single post on friday, july 27, searched for 'brother' and 'christmas,' and is now a near-daily reader. ;) (besides my sister-in-law, that is.) in that case, please go find out who in lexington is doing this, and give them a boot to the head from me, wouldja?

much love,

your big sister.