Amnicado Day

hey folks,

as i've been gradually sorting through and purging things in my house, i've noticed i have a lot of stuff that i've loaned out, which i'd really rather like back. i've also found some things that belong to other people, which i need to give back.

if you have something of mine, or i have something of yours, let's trade, shall we? if you had something of mine which you've lost, or the dog ate it (the latter is entirely possible, for some of you), please replace it, or offer me something else that's shiny, of equivalent worth.

in a few days, i'll send out an evite for getting together; maybe i'll call it 'Stuff Amnesty Day.'

also, my avocado tree has exploded with fruit. since Mabon is almost here, and in the spirit of sharing my harvest -- if anyone would like avocados, you're welcome to come on over and pick your own. i suggest bringing a lithe and nimble person, or a fruit picker, to reach the fruit higher up on the tree. i do have a ladder, but i also have a keen understanding of physics and gravity, so i'm not climbing it. if there's enough interest, i might have an official 'Avocado Picking Day.'

actually, please come over and take some avocados, because i cannot eat the hundreds on the tree by myself. my dog would like to try eating them all by herself; but while it's good for her coat, an all-avocado diet has some interesting gastrointestinal effects on canines.

heck, maybe i'll combine Stuff Amnesty and Avocado Picking Days. i wish i could think of something witty to call it. bronxelf kindly took care of that for me -- it's now 'Amnicado Day!'

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