a day of glamour

in which i set out to the stores to buy decongestant, and an egg.

the decongestant is obviously to unclog my sinuses, which seem to have been blocked by much the same gunk as is afflicting my kitchen sink's plumbing. at least twice a week, i have to deploy a plunger to unstick whatever infinitesimal object has clogged the pipes this time. i've now gotten rather good at it; years ago, i was hopeless. i try to beat my personal best of three plunges before i'm rewarded with a whooshing gurgle. but sadly, there is no similar device for one's nose. that's legal, at any rate.

the egg is for my second attempt at the painting i should really have finished earlier in the week, but didn't -- my homework assignment of painting a white egg on a white background, after my pitiful attempt in color theory last saturday. it wasn't that it was a white bust on a white background under white light that defeated me; it was that i couldn't seem to get the white paint out of the bristles of my brush, so all my colors got chalky and zombieish. you wouldn't think that'd be a problem when painting a white object, but let me assure you: it's a problem somewhere on the scale of looking at a G4 server whose power cord your boss has just tripped over and yanked out of the socket. that is to say: pain and suffering is in your future, friend.

whoever billed the life of an artist as a thing of glamour must've worked for david ogilvy at one point. that i am not coming home to spend my time painting extremely attractive men who lounge about my studio is a constant source of frustration to me. nope, today it's a color wheel and an egg. where is the sexy in that, i ask you?

(actually, don't tell me. one of the Laws of the Internet states that no matter how random the objects you can think of, someone, somewhere, uses them in some way for sex. and has taken pictures. and is sharing with the world. i'm happier not knowing.)

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