20 design reminders: a series

While looking for books to use while training my minions, I ran across this book:


"Design Elements: A Graphic Style Manual" (Timothy Samara)

Samara focuses on 20 reminders for graphic designers:

  1. Have a concept.
  2. Communicate; don't decorate.
  3. Speak with one visual voice.
  4. Use two typefaces maximum.
  5. Show one thing first.
  6. Pick colors on purpose.
  7. If you can do more with less, do it.
  8. Negative space is magical.
  9. Treat type as image.
  10. Keep type friendly.
  11. Be universal; it's not about you.
  12. Squish and separate: create rhythms in density and openness.
  13. Firecrackers and rising sun: distribute light and dark.
  14. Be decisive.
  15. Measure with your eyes.
  16. Make what you need; don't scavenge.
  17. Ignore fashion.
  18. Move it! Static equals dull.
  19. Look to history, but don't repeat it.
  20. Symmetry is the ultimate evil.

I like these so much, I think I'll use them as the basis for a series of posts, where I add my own take on his reminders. I'll try to stick to a weekly schedule, but I suspect that will vary.

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