caravaggio study, take 4...

Or 5? I forget.

This study will be the death of me. Or of the man with two silver earrings; right now, I'm not sure which. I've had to start completely over on a new canvas, and wipe canvas #2 three times. Maybe four -- I've lost count.

Here's the canvas so far, with just the main large darks laid in:


Notice the vestiges of the other versions. A closeup:


And what the bastard thing should look like when I'm done:

Bacchino Malato (Caravaggio)

That's about how I feel after celebrating Beltane last night. Sick Bacchus, indeed. I woke up outside, the fire long since burned out, with a crick in my neck, and doumbek in hand. Then staggered upstairs to finish off the ritual properly.

Right. Back to it.

[EDIT] Here it is with the white laid in:

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