saturday morning

It's Saturday morning, and I'm trying to get myself fully awake. This is difficult to do when you realize halfway through a mug of tea, that you've picked the really tasty rooibos tea with vanilla in it… which has no caffeine. I probably need to just make myself a cabinet with a timer lock, and then put all the decaf stuff in it, and set the timer to only unlock after 5 p.m., so that I can't do this to myself again. This makes mornings really hard.

The Caravaggio study is still drying, and I can't put anymore paint on top of it until that grisaille layer's dried. Not that I'd have learned that the hard way in attempts #1 and #2, or anything. Now to tackle the rest of the drawing homework, before I head to the studio, where I'll paint in the afternoon, and do the digital work at night.

Back to homework.

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