a great day for this geek grrl

Some days in a geek grrl's life are what you'd call red-letter days.

  • The day you first get your own server up and running.
  • The day you compile a kernel for the first time.
  • The day you learn hex.
  • The day you save the day by recovering data long since thought gone forever.
  • The day you bludgeon the printer into printing.

Well, I have a new red-letter day:

The day one of the Geek Pantheon unexpectedly emails you to ask if you're going to Nerd Prom. And then you trade emails about meeting up to talk about working on a project together.

Why yes, I am grinning ear-to-ear right now, as it happens. And I now have one deadline that just skyrocketed up to Friday.

I hate being cryptic, which is happening more and more on this blog, I know. I suck for not telling all the details. But, because of who is involved with the projects I'm being oblique about, and some problems the people in question have had in the past, I feel like I should keep the specifics of the projects quiet until they're ready to be seen.

But still, I wanted to share my excitement with you all. Excitement which is doing a bang-up job of combining with my usual pre-Comic-Con jitters to make me extremely jittery.

Send coffee.

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