Out-of-office post

You've heard of out-of-office emails, I imagine. Well, I've had to resort to sending out an out-of-mind email autoresponse. And here's the blog version:

Hi there,

You've seen out-of-office emails, I'm sure. This is a variant on the theme: an out-of-my-mind, stupidly-busy post. Between my immanent move, Comic-Con, and other deadlines, I can't predict when I'll be able to sit down and eat, much less post here.

Questions like 'When will you be done with X?' had better be accompanied by gift certificates to a liquor store. Or surprise deliveries of coffee.

It's not personal. I still love you.

Normal posting will resume shortly; most likely after August 9. Of course, if your world is on fire and you're bleeding to death, call 911. Or if it's something less urgent that I need to know, give me a call.



p.s. I'll be at Nerd Prom on Friday. Feel free to send me tweets if you're going to be there. After I'm done with portfolio reviews, I'll be up for socializing.

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