so true

Lots of you have sent me this today:


Too true.

I have one more pressing deadline which turns out to be a week earlier than initially thought, which is problematic. If I don't get someone to model for the painting that's under the deadline, that's going to be really exciting. I described the issue this way on a friend's blog this morning:

'Oh, please paint me!' they said.
'I'd love to model for you sometime,' they said.
'Take my clothes off? No problem!' they said.

So last night I said, 'Hey, my deadline has just moved up a week and I have the comps done, so how about that posing? I just need your chest and jaw, that's it.'

'Er,' they said.
'I think my wife needs me to take out the trash,' they said.
'My hot sauce collection needs alphabetizing,' they said.

'What if I let you drink my good scotch?' I said.

'My girlfriend won't let me get naked at your place anymore,' they said.
'My fiancée says I can't drink with you again,' they said.
'Explaining it to the wife was hard enough the first time,' they said.

Useless bastards.

That's exaggerated slightly for effect, but not by much. Onward.

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