How much are you really earning?

Want to find out how much you're really being paid? Use this time valuator tool from MSN Money to break down the costs of your job vs. your salary.

My results were sobering:

"Including time spent on commuting and work-related activities outside the workplace, you work an average of 79.15 hours per week. For that, you were paid a net $10.85 per hour after expenses, such as gasoline, child care, clothing for work and the like.

"In an average week, you have about 16.19 hours of leisure time. Each of those hours is purchased, in effect, with 4.89 hours of work time or $53.03."

By the time I factor in work, time at the studio, and my commute, as well as all the work I do outside the day job at Saltmine U. -- 16.19 hours of leisure time a week -- yep, sounds about right. So if you're wondering why I'm always busy… it's because I am.

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