The small things

It's been a busy month here at the new Art Cave. A bout of inhalation pneumonia I'm still recovering from has been an unforeseen complication, one that's making all of life's daily activities about 10 times harder than they should be.

Today was the first day for new students at Saltmine U., and the last few weeks have all been spent getting ready for the onslaught of 8,000 new people. There's the usual number of projects I'm managing (~65), though most of my design time has been going to just a few of those. The others go to the minions, and I supervise. Because, well, that's my job. I took a brief vacation with my best friend in August (a whopping four days); it was the first time I had left town for a real vacation since 2001. The last time I left town for longer than a week? 1999. That's the way it goes when you're your only source of income.

So it's been very busy, and very stressful lately; almost all my free time has been spent resting. However, coming home and being able to kick back in front of a fireplace makes up for a lot of things in my world. And there's a hot tub a few dozen yards away that I think I'm going to go take advantage of in the very near future.