How did I miss this spectacular display of geekery in September from the POTUS?

Photo: Getty Images

That Obama decided he wanted to fence against Olympic fencer Tim Morehouse would've been enough to endear him to me -- because I love the sport. But that he did it with a toy lightsaber cements his place in my heart as a fellow member of the Geek Tribe.


In other news, the annual fall busy season at Saltmine U. continues apace. Things should ease up around Thanksgiving, which will give me a chance to breathe. (Which I'm not doing particularly well at today -- turns out that if you mess up the proportions of yew and wormwood in incense, it aggravates your lungs something fierce. Go me.)


This weekend, almost all my media devices went on strike. Xbox 360 gave me the Red Ring of Death; my DVD player has decided to suddenly stop playing back discs; and my old iPod will not mount, play back music, or turn on. I suspect some strange electronic conspiracy. I'm hoping a new AV cable for the Xbox will fix the problem, but we'll see.

Maybe our Nerd-in-Chief will hold Microsoft down and force them to make hardware that isn't a bunch of junk.

I can hope, right?