fiction generator and ten dimensions

Oh, if only it were this easy:


In other news:

It's a typical fall at Saltmine U. Late summer through fall is the busiest season in academia, as it's often the beginning of the fiscal and academic years. Budgets must be either used up, or freshly funded. So it's busy, and the furloughs aren't making life any easier, as people are now gone more days, but still must produce the same amount of work. I will be very relieved when the winter break comes in December, and I can fall down and sleep for two weeks.


John Howe has a great post about understanding the history behind what you're illustrating.


Dragon Age: Origins took over all my free time for a few days. I suspect that I will never outgrow my love of video games, especially role-playing ones with good stories and characters. Here's a review of the game which contains a mention of narratology -- it's good to see other English majors writing reviews these days, and makes for a nice change from the standard review of 'Best game of the year!!!11!!'


For those of you who have always wondered what the ten dimensions look like, here's an illustrated explanation:

Imagining The 10 Dimensions - Watch more Funny Videos

And now, on to the week's work.