"Why should *I* be involved?"

Today, MINI sent me a request asking if I'd like to be part of 'The Final Test' test drive program for their new hardtop. I thought, 'Hmm… I can't imagine this is going over well with their design or engineering teams.' 

Sure enough…

While the video's satirical, trust me — the sentiment's very real. Any time you take a project from a group that's got a proven track record of success, it doesn't exactly go over particularly well.

Malaise of Meh

People are losing jobs or struggling to keep their jobs; relationships are dissolving; they're trying to find stable footing; looking for places to live; looking for hope.... There are so many people and projects leaning on me, that I feel a literal weight on my shoulders that does not relent, even in sleep.

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grading the hate mail

Unless my powers have grown beyond all measure, that is… I'm going to guess it's a man, as a woman would've decided to take a crack at my weight, if they wanted to hit below the belt.... 'Flaunting my cleavage ' -- It's very obvious this person has never met me, as if they had, they'd know that not even in my blog's bio photo, where I'm wearing a corset, am I flaunting cleavage.

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